Beauty: The latest in bio-regenerating and energising shock treatments for your hair

Beauty: The latest in bio-regenerating and energising shock treatments for your hair
Today I’m bringing you the latest, most up-to-the minute release from Miriam Quevedo: EXTREME CAVIAR ESSENTIALS BIO-REGENERATIVES, 4 bio-regenerating and energising shock treatments for your hair.

These 4 treatments (Extreme Caviar Bio-Regenerative for greasy hair, Extreme Caviar Bio-Regenerative Vitamin-Reinforcing, Extreme Caviar Bio-Regenerative for dandruff-prone hair, and Extreme Caviar Bio-Regenerative for hair loss) are some of the essential cocktails that are formulated with more than 40 exclusive, cutting-edge active ingredients, having selected the best ingredients that are high strength in terms of their effect and safety made from a base of floral waters and botanical extracts, all of which are biological, and caviar, which ensures their success when it comes to fighting against the hair ageing process.

For years I’ve put my trust 100% into the rejuvenating hair care treatments by Miriam Quevedo. I don’t just trust in them for being a well-known and award-winning brand that’s synonymous with hair and skin care; I know I can rely on them because I’ve been using her cosmetics for years and the outstanding results are their trademark. They are effective, and that, dear readers, is the product of a lifetime dedication to research and development of products formulated with the purest products of the highest quality.

Due to the condition my hair was in, Miriam Quevedo recommended I use the Extreme Caviar Bio-regenerative Vitamin-Reinforcing treatment. Let me explain. It is an essential concentrate made up of 20 exclusive active ingredients in order to restore the hair’s vitality and shine. The aim is to reinforce and nourish the hair and the scalp following a chemical treatment or exposure to extreme environmental conditions. In addition, it favours the right synthesis of proteins, thus improving your hair follicles’ regenerative ability so as to improve and reinforce the quality of your hair.

This treatment is recommended for people with dull-looking hair or hair that lacks vitality. Lately I have been putting my hair through the wringer with my straighteners, day in day out as well (presentations, cocktail parties, gatherings…). In the end, everything takes its toll and in life nothing comes for free.

The treatment must be applied for 3 months. It’s very easy. Let me explain:

The first month: Apply 1/3 of a vial (ampoule) to your scalp and dry and-or damp hair by employing a gentle massage action until it is fully absorbed. Apply it every night before going to bed.
The second month: Apply 1/3 of the vial following the same procedure, every other night for 3 nights a week.
The third month: Apply 1/3 of the vial following the same procedure, 2 nights per week.

And as some of you may wonder, is it necessary to wash your hair the following day? No. It doesn’t make your hair greasy nor does it make it dirty, on the contrary, it contains active ingredients that regulate oil production that causes greasiness.

For those of you who, like me, always want to learn new beauty tricks, make a note of this ritual that the team at Miriam Quevedo recommended to me: In a bowl you have to mix 2 spoonfuls of your favourite hair mask with ½ a vial of the Bio-regenerative Vitamin-Reinforcing treatment.  Apply it to dry hair starting by covering your scalp with it very thoroughly and, after that, apply the mixture of products to your hair. Put your hair up in a hair wrap (ideally one that’s been warmed up a bit) and let it take effect for 2/3 hours. After that, wash your hair as you would do normally. When you come out of the shower with your hair still wet but wrung out, apply the other ½ of the vial to your scalp using a gentle massage action. Brush and dry your hair. The result is hair that is much more nourished, silky and shiny. With more vitality.

To those of you who may be interested in any of the bio-regenerative and energising shock treatments for the hair, take note: by applying the CODE OTOÑO when making an online purchase of the treatment here, you will get an Extreme Caviar Intensive Anti-Aging Luxe Mask (50 ml) as a free gift.

Localización: Hotel Sofia Barcelona.

Fotografía: Gorka González.

Camisa / Shirt: Loewe FW17 para Santa Eulalia.

Manicura: Vanitas Espai.

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