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24/7 items of clothing and accessories heading towards slow fashion

2020 is kicking off with a generalised theme in most of the top fashion brands are going for sustainability and handcraftsmanship; a return to the great values, to the truth; a big step towards change out of respect for our mother Earth.

Every gesture matters, more so in terms of fashion, the second most pollutant industry on the planet. “At the UN event, ‘Fashion and the Sustainable Development Goals: What Role for the UN?’, we were warned that after the energy industry, fashion is the one that is using more water in its processes in the world. As one of the UN analysts, Birgit Lia Altmann, warns just to produce a kilo of cotton more than 10,000 litres of water are needed. In other words, the amount of water required to make a pair of jeans is the same amount than an individual consumes in ten years. Meanwhile, there are still people around the world who get ill due to not having drinking water at their disposal.”

The countdown began years ago, although we took our time to let it sink in. The power of change is in our hands.

Going for responsible consumption matters. Investing in items of clothing and accessories that we can use 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) which stand out for their great versatility and can be combined with an endless number of looks, is steering us away from the constant need to acquire new pieces. The simple gesture of stopping ourselves to think about it matters.

My choice: jumper by Isabel Marant Étoile, and necklaces with chains by Sita Nevado; pieces with the power to transform and add the finishing touches to my outfits in the mid to long term.

There are many ways to head on our ways towards slow fashion; all of them are respectable, all of them matter.

Jersey: Isabel Marant Étoile AW19 for La Comercial. Available in store La Comercial Mujer, c/ Rec, 52 Barcelona. Info: 93 3193463.

Photography: Patricia Bonet.
Production and styling: Mariona Planas.

Hair and make up: Nuria Ribera.
Location: Recdi8 Studio. Espai Serrahima.

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