September 2020: The values behind fashion

Just today it has been 7 days since I got back from my holiday. I went away with the need to disconnect, but without the same excitement as in other years. It was clear to me that if I wanted to feel better it would depend on me, on focusing on things differently, and that’s the way it was. I came across a part of the Costa Brava that I didn’t know, and I took the time I wanted to without feeling guilty.

Back in Barcelona, the word uncertainty rings loud and clear no matter which way we look. When nothing is sure, everything is possible. This is how I feel. The pandemic has moved heaven and earth, it has made us reconsider how we live, how we feel and where we want to go.

As Benedetta Poletti, Director of ELLE Spain, says: “Another type of fashion is possible. A type of fashion that matters. And gives something back. A fashion with a sense that is full of values and thinks in a humanistic, ethical and social way. A committed, diverse and inclusive fashion, which fights against racism and supports minorities to achieve a much more representative, authentic and fairer world.”

Fashion is suggesting things and we are making ourselves available. For quite a few seasons I have been going for a solid staple wardrobe that is made up of quality and not quantity. I posted about it recently “Designers, brands, communicators, consumers…, we must all take on the responsibility to improve, to make consumption much more respectful and committed. The wardrobe of the future should include long-lasting items of clothing and accessories, high-quality basic and versatile pieces with a long shelf life, sustainable materials and the odd truly special piece, be it something unique, or with a handcrafted hallmark, or thanks to its emotional significance, etc.”

Buying better is basic. It’s time to ask ourselves what we need, what it gives us, which brands we should share values with, etc. Let’s overproduce and underproduce – that’s right – but if we have a willingness within us to improve for the greater good, as well as our personal wellbeing, we are building positive vibes.

My look includes items of clothing and accessories from different seasons that I can reinterpret depending on what suits me and how I feel. For example, the ballet pumps by Dior that I had not worn for a long time and make me feel like now is a good time to take them out for a walk. I have also found a new use for my new link chain by Sita Nevado. I have worn it as a double bracelet and, furthermore, the autumn trend is all about them. I have added the handbag I designed alongside Anna Cortina to it, a 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) that I haven’t stopped wearing thanks to its timelessness, and the jumper with voluminous sleeves and metallic sparkly bits from the Autumn-Winter 2020 collection by Iro Paris, making it band on trend. I don’t want to sign off without mentioning the shorts that, although they are a basic item, they have been masterfully reworked by the brand Oneteaspoon.

Top: Iro Paris Pre-Fall 2020. Shorts: Oneteaspoon SS 2020 all for Tomates Fritos. Info: 932092617.  Ballet pumps: Dior.  Link chain (I have worn it as a double bracelet) and earrings: Sita Nevado New collection. Ear cuff earring: PaolaQ. Mariona Croco bag in collaboration with Anna Cortina: Anna Cortina. Sunglasses: Saint Laurent.

Photography: Gorka González.
Woodlights : Vanitas Espai.

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