The latest in highlights, WOODLIGHTS

And a new world was opened up to me, the world of ‘woodlights’ highlights. I was amazed. I liked them. Today I’m starting at the end, in the past few weeks I have discovered the possibilities that colouring holds and the endless techniques to work with it. And the thing is that there are many professionals who work well with it, but every master has their trade, and broadening their skills in all areas is necessary and enriching.

My new masters are the team at Vanitas Espai. I trusted in them for my subtle change of colour that today I feel happy and satisfied with. Let me explain.

At Vanitas Espai they offer their clients everything from the most innovative to the most traditional colouring techniques, the colour of your roots or a toner. They use the exclusive Sassoon dyes in order to ensure the change of colour or the upkeep of the current shade is long-lasting for their clients, that the process isn’t aggressive at all and that the final result is healthy and shiny hair.

I always like to go for the natural look. For me it’s a priority to show off a healthy, shiny head of hair and, when it comes to the colour, I want to respect my natural hair colour and lighten it up with the new techniques I feel are worth it.

The team at Vanitas Espai told me about and presented me with their latest highlighting technique, known as ‘woodlights’, which is a technique that’s exclusive to the salon. The result is different shades throughout your hair creating a wood-like effect thus boosting its shine without damaging the hair; these highlights don’t require heat. It adds more luminosity to your face than balayage highlights do (a technique that involves applying a kind of dye that tries to imitate the highlights that come out in our hair when we have been in the sun. The main aim of this style is to achieve the most natural look possible and to ensure the highlights don’t stand out too much, but rather, they look like streaks, touches of light and colour that improve our appearance) as the look is obvious from the roots. When your hair grows the effect that is produced is like balayage highlights, they go on from the root because they still look blended in. If we don’t have ‘woodlights’ done for months, we will end up having a balayage effect. It’s the best alternative to take the place of traditional highlights when you want to lighten up your hair without having a marked streaky effect.

Having made my explanations, I recommend them to everyone who, just like me, is looking for an alternative to subtly change up your look without having the obligation to retouch the colour every month, and you are hoping to preserve the quality of your hair.

At Vanitas Espai they do many types of highlights: Californian, Shatush, babylights, balayage, tiger-eye… All of them have their charms and their plus points depending on whoever chooses to have them done. At the end of the day, girls, if you want to show off beautiful and glossy hair, take a look at the Vanitas Espai website; they will make it a reality.

Photography: Gorka González.

Hair, nails: Vanitas Espai. Info: 933682555.

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