Two treatments which have got us hooked thanks to their amazing results: the natural V-FORM v10 lifting effect by Viora and the Wonder Mask by Mimi Luzón

Every individual is free to live however they fancy and to make their own decisions. Being mindful of them would be the logical next step towards full-blown adulting, although at times many of us may use an array of excuses for that much longed for happy ending. And, how come I’ve given you this interesting introduction? Because within beauty it’s not possible to get champagne with beer money. If we add into the mix trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, using efficient cosmetics which combat stress, environmental aggressors and our own individual needs, as well as treatments which improve our attractiveness and physical and mental wellbeing.

I’m one of those women who is interested in and mostly goes for non-invasive treatments. One of my latest and greatest discoveries in terms of beauty device discoveries has been VFORM v10 by Viora, a radiofrequency device treatment which includes both of the technologies patented by Viora, SVC™ Technology (a unique vacuum switching and refrigeration system which is able to carry out treatments that work in depth) and the MULTI–CORE Technology (based on bipolar technology which emits RF via three different MHz frequencies, alongside vacuum therapy treatments), offering up great results for the face, body and bikini line.

With the passing of time our skin is prone to sagging and flaccidity in different areas due to the lack of collagen. VForm v10 by Viora involves a multiplatform with three radiofrequency channels to remodel, tighten and perform thermopolisis on different areas. Its Vform v10 applicator head contracts the tissue fibres so as to achieve instant firming results, increased youthfulness and a reduction of wrinkles if used on your face. For example: it tightens the skin and reduces the amount of localised fat in the lower half of the face, resulting in a softer, younger looking and more chiselled neckline and jawline. It also has excellent results when used on under-eye bags and dark circles, noticeably improving the appearance of the eye contour zone.

The equipment includes four applicators that are able to work on different areas of the face and body; from the jawline, to the arms and the inside of the thighs, and on large areas such as the abdomen and buttocks.

As they say themselves: “Radiofrequency treatments are, today, the best way to reactivate the formation of new collagen and elastin and therefore improve skin flaccidity. VFORM V10 stimulates neocollagenesis, that is to say, the formation of new collagen that replaces the already aged fibres. In addition, the existing ones are repaired, with the consequent improvement of flaccidity. The radiofrequency restores elasticity, produces a certain amount of lymphatic drainage and improves the circulation of the skin and the subcutaneous tissue. “

The recommended protocol for facials is to have 5 sessions per year, 1 session every 3 weeks. I’ve had four sessions; I’ve got one left. I noticed the results after the second session, and they have gone ‘in crescendo’. When the fifth session is over my skin will be even prettier, and the effect of the treatment will last several more months because it is a cumulative technology (we reactivate the formation of new collagens and elastin). For those of you who are looking for a non-invasive and painless solution to tighten the skin among many other benefits, I recommend that no matter what you try out VFORM v10.

And speaking of top choices in beauty, which is no mean feat, Blauceldona has become the point of reference in Barcelona where customers can enjoy the luxurious treatments by the prestigious line of cosmetics Mimi Luzón.

I had one of their most requested and successful rituals known as the Wonder Mask. It is an innovative and luxurious facial treatment that combines pure silver leaves, a well-known anti-inflammatory and anti-septic substance, with the ‘After Effect Mask’.

The treatment restores the moisturizing levels of the skin and protects it against future dehydration, reducing redness and leaving the skin with instant radiance.

Let me copy and paste as follows: “On the one hand, silver, the main ingredient of this energetic and rejuvenating mask, has been known for decades for being a potent anti-inflammatory and natural antiseptic. On the other hand, the ‘after effect mask’ offers an intensely rich combination of seaweed extract and aloe vera to tighten fatigued skin and nourish it. Hyaluronic acid which is known for its ability to retain hydration. A complex of copper peptide that improves skin tone. Squalane which softens and decreases expression lines. Arnica that reduces inflammation and, finally, red tea, a powerful antioxidant to alleviate irritated skin.”

New, luxurious and the latest solution from Mimi Luzón‘s laboratory to treat dehydrated skin. The result is a more resistant, luminous and glowing face. Highly recommended.

If you are looking for a beauty centre which has the latest and most effective salon treatments, go to Blauceldona. You’ll be hooked!

Blauceldona ( Muntaner: 93 461 57 59 / Provenza: 93 453 38 13)

Photography: Gorka González

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