FlashBack. New beauty trend: Eyebrow migropigmentation

After micropigmentation.

Last May, having had micropigmentation done on my eyebrows, I posted an article entitled; “New ‘beauty’ trend: Eyebrow micropigmentation”. Nine months later I am immensely satisfied with the results. I must remind you that my aim was to correct and fill in the small areas that had become sparser. I must stress that I couldn’t have made a better decision. I think it’s worth revisiting the article.

It’s obvious, girls, that our eyebrows play a very important role in our faces. Full eyebrows that are well-defined, looking right and in harmony with your face manage to lift up your gaze and rejuvenate you.

Quite a few years ago, for fashion reasons, I took the bad decision of plucking my eyebrows excessively. Fortunately the fashion went away –and with it so did my interest– and I decided to go back to my natural eyebrows. I got most of their natural appearance back, but some small areas ended up being a bit sparsely populated. Up until I have never thought about anything beyond potting make up on them when I had presentations, cocktail parties…, with the Fab Brows kit that I presented to all of you at the time (time) and it works fabulously well.

A month ago, to tie in with my mani-pedi at Vanitas Espai, the girls from the team told me how happy they were with the results of the eyebrow micropigmentation (those of them who had had it done). I asked them, and when I saw the results in the flesh and in person, I was amazed and I decided to have it done. My objective was to correct and fill in the small areas that had ended up being sparsely populated. I can assure you that I couldn’t have made a better decision.

Before micropigmentation.

In order to give you a bit of background I am going to tell you about it and have copied and pasted the information that the team at Vanitas Espai have given me:

What is micropigmentation? Permanent (or semi-permanent) make up, or micropigmentation, is a dermopigmentation that is carried out by depositing pigments on the skin via needles that are inserted at an epidermis level.

What is micropigmentation used for? To enhance, balance out and/or correct facial features, mainly the eyebrows, lips or eyelids. It is also used in the correction of wounds or cosmetic flaws, such as camouflaging bald spots or pubic alopecia, camouflaging scars, reconstruction of breast areolas, camouflaging burns, creating freckles and moles.

How long do the micropigmentation results last? The results can vary between 2 and 5 years, depending on the skin. On ageing and dry skin it usually lasts 4-5 years and on young skin, 2-3 years. It also depends on the tones used, because the darker tones take longer to fade away.

What is the micropigmentation procedure like? During the micropigmentation some swelling occurs on the tissue as a consequence of the wound caused by the needle. The skin, as a response from the organism, will send leukocytes and macrophages to the micropigmented area. In the hours following the treatment a scab will form that will last between 4 or 5 days. The scab makes the colour seem much more intense that the desired shade. Approximately a week later it will disappear. Up until 30 days have passed the pigment setting process will have finished resulting in a loss of colour of between 10-15%, or even more so in some cases of skin types with a larger secretion of sebum that gets rid of more pigment.

Does micropigmentation hurt? The procedure causes a certain discomfort (although it’s totally bearable), especially in sensitive areas like the lips and eyes. The discomfort also depends on every individual’s sensitivity. The application of an anaesthetic crea mis recommended 1 hour before the procedure.

Is it necessary to redo the micropigmentation? After 30 days have passed it’s compulsory to have the migropigmentation redone due to the normal loss of tone as mentioned previously. The retouching cannot be carried out before 3 days because it could cause double tinting of the colour.

What are the care instructions after the micropigmentation? A specific cream is prescribed in order to aid scarring. It must not be exposed to the sun until the process has finished and the affected area is totally healed. At the same time, the use of full sunscreen protection is recommended at all times, because prolonged accidental sun exposure could cause changes to unwanted shades.

After micropigmentation.

Who does the micropigmentation at Vanitas Espai? One of the technical staff for micropigmentation, Candela, has all of the training and health certificates that are legally required. In addition to this, she has more than 15 years’ experience in the application of this technique. She has also been a teacher for many years in the best training centres for micropigmentation in Barcelona.

In my opinion and having put myself in her hands, Candela is an excellent professional. She is careful and prudent, she goes for naturalness (less is more) and she makes you feel very at ease. She works with the best machinery on the market, Goldeneye (extremely important), with ultra fine cylindrical needles, and with the highest quality pigments, which is basic for good results in the long term.


Some of you have already seen them. The result is extremely realistic and very natural. With a doubt I can recommend it to you, but I can only commend the impeccable job that Candela at Vanitas Espai does because I have tried it and I am happy with the results. Don’t be fooled, girls, you can’t get champagne on beer money anywhere, I can assure you. Get all of the information you can about the professional and the material that they use is you go to other centres.

Vanitas Espai. C/ París, 204 Barcelona. Info: 933682555 / 93 4156987.

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