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The wardrobe of the future must take on core values

I was reading recently: “…brands have to be capable of acquiring an ironclad and comprehensive commitment so as to educate the consumer and to therefore make acquiring fashion become part of our DNA. We live at a time when we must be aware of what we get out of fashion and not go back to making the big past mistakes.” It is quite telling that Francesca Muston, Fashion Director at WGSN, shared, “Luxury products can be seen as an investment and, as a result, are a good counterattack against the problems in the fashion industry with disposable fashion and the throwaway culture. Promoting the longevity of high-quality and well-designed products is important for a sustainable future,” as María José Pérez Méndez said.

Today less is more if we’re talking about responsible consumption. Investing in high-quality items of clothing and accessories that make up a decent wardrobe goes directly hand in hand with sustainability.

Handcraftsmanship and manual production are fundamental in conversations about sustainability. Brands like the Venetian one Golden Goose, have made it an Italian tradition based on these premises, which is an essential value of their brand.

“When we started making trainers, we began by compiling a list of memories and stimuli, moulding them together until our vision materialized. We travelled by picking up items from all places and objects that remind us of the journey that we have been on. But in the end, we’re going back home, working with artisans to ensure we don’t forget about the quality with a few little hand-painted touches and by preserving our Italian legacy.”

“This is the reason why handcraftsmanship and manual production are fundamental in our work. Because the Italian tradition is, and always will be, an indispensable value of our brand.”

“We want to keep this tradition alive, to adapt it to the contemporary world and pass on the warm nature of the handcraftsmanship via perfect imperfections.”

My future wardrobe also has extravagant undertones to break us the basic, neutral and comfortable pieces. Among them, the oversized jeans with ‘strass all over’ appliqués by the Italian brand Golden Goose.

“The collection of Golden Goose jeans and trousers is characterised by its vintage style, its top-notch materials and its artisan tradition. The GGDB selection presents a versatile and contemporary idea of dressing up that revisits emblematic items of clothing to make them special. Every moment is unique: from the most classical dressmaking techniques used for the decorated jeans with lovely appliqués; from the high-quality denim of the unique detailing with studs, sequins or splashes of colour. All of this is in keeping with our artisan ‘Made in Italy’ tradition.”

Repositioning ourselves, re-educating ourselves, and keeping up the willingness to improve by going for a better sustainable future.

T-shirt and Breezy jean: Golden Goose. For sale in your shop at Paseo de Gracia, 104. Barcelona. Info: 937763917. Short chain in antique silver (37,46€) hereSita Nevado. Info: 934675916. Sandals: Jimmy Choo. Sunglasses: Le Specs for Tanngo Shop.

Photography: Patricia Bonet.
Production and styling: Mariona Planas.

Hair and and make up: Nuria Ribera.
Woodlights – manicure – pedicure: Vanitas Espai.

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