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The artificial flowers and plants artisans are enhancing all kinds of spaces with their new decorative discourse

Orange tree.

In 1999, in the heart of the Barcelona Ensanche district, Enric Bosser founded Bossvi, a floral workshop with a different decorative discourse based on artificial flowers and plants, filling the spaces with warmth and going for creations inspired by nature.

What began at the time as an achievement between mother (Carmen Vidal) and son (Enric Bosser), has today become a beautiful concept that, is going for personalizing and enhancing a wide range of spaces like hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, boutiques, houses, indoor and outdoor gardens, etc.

Like artisans for artificial flowers and plants, they are governed by an interest in creating unique atmospheres by listening to and building them up alongside their clients: “We are professionals of flowers, we are artisans, and, above all, we are people who are at our clients’ service, whose satisfaction confirms to us that we are going on the right track.”

Their philosophy? To create spaces to be lived in, no just exhibits, and to dress them up in harmony.

Laia Ortuño, Enric Bosser’s wife, co-founder of Bossvi, affirms that flowers and plants have a purgatory effect on the soul, they boost our wellbeing and are therapeutic. I have joined forces with the and I must add: they are a visual poem, an audible rhyme that is full of beauty.  

The organic interior design projects that Bossvi carry out are a sustainable aesthetic option that, in addition, in the mid and long term turn out to be more economical for companies as well as for individuals. We are talking about decorations that are not fleeting and will last for a while and not require any kind of maintenance nor waste of natural resources.

Premium quality in the raw materials, effort, passion and dedication for a job well done, they have racked up 20 years of service with their clients with made-to-measure timeless decorations.

“We are governed by the need to highlight even the smallest detail for special moments and we are fulfilling this thanks to the inspiration and enthusiasm of our artists, who design and innovate on a daily basis in our workshop so as to offer the best floral compositions to our clients.

“In addition to the bespoke work for individuals and companies that we carry out on site, at our store we are equipped with a permanent display of the exclusive BOSSVI by Enric Bosser compositions and designs that are ready to be snapped up there and then.”

I urge you to take a look at their website to get to know all of the services that they offer firsthand which are plentiful and varied.

The artificial flowers and plants are today competing with each other in the beauty and sustainability stakes to dress up all kinds of settings with elegance and quality.

T-shirt: One. Pant: Circus Hotel SS 2021 for Tomates Fritos. Info: 932092617. Sneakers: Golden Goose.

Photography: Patricia Bonet.
Location: FreakHouse.

Production and styling: Mariona Planas.

Make up: Núria Ribera.
Woodlights – manicure: Vanitas Espai.

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