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Mandarin Oriental Barcelona hosted the SHA Wellness Clinic in one of the most exclusive Pop-Up stores in favour of health and wellbeing to welcome a more vital autumn. Stop by and see it for yourselves.

Last September the Mandarin Oriental Barcelona, known for offering exclusive and differentiating experiences, presented for 4 days in a very special Pop-Up store a selection of services from the well-known SHA Wellness Clinic, a world pioneer in integrative medicine and the -SHA Method-, which brings together the latest advances in scientific medicine alongside natural therapies and healthy nutrition,  making part of the multidisciplinary team of SHA experts available to its clients to improve, enhance and achieve their specific health and wellbeing objectives.

The SHA Wellness Clinic offered individual consultations (by prior reservation) at the Mandarin Oriental Barcelona that were developed and carried out by its professionals:

Healthy Nutrition Consultation: The SHA Wellness Clinic nutritionist Marina Domene offered personalised healthy nutrition guidelines to optimise health with a practical and engaging approach that included specific dietary recommendations and lifestyle suggestions.

I booked and had a consultation with Maria Domene. I was very interested in evaluating my health from a nutritional point of view and therefore, after reviewing my medical history and a personal interview, I could guide myself on how to maintain a more balanced diet oriented to a life with health and vitality in a simple and lasting way, free from the discomforts associated with ageing and diseases. The consultation was one of the most productive and interesting I´ve had, 100% recommended for those who wish to enhance their health and slow down the process of cell degeneration.

Neurocognitive Assessment Consultation. Emotional and Cognitive Development: The head of the Cognitive Development Unit at SHA Wellness Clinic, Professor Bruno Ribeiro, in his office valued higher cognitive functions. It included training in key aspects such as relaxation, concentration and overcoming phobias with the use of the latest technology in software and devices, for those who seek to learn to manage stress to find that point of balance that allows them to face the day to day with their cognitive functions boosted to the fullest.

In addition, SHA offered the possibility of testing a 45-minute session of the revolutionary non-invasive transcranial electrical stimulation therapy, a technique that uses the ‘neuropriming’ effect to increase plasticity in the brain before an activity and allow a faster strengthening of its connections. This makes it possible to modulate the functioning of specific areas of the brain using bioelectric impulses. It is particularly indicated in the recovery of stroke and brain damage, pain, depression, tinnitus, migraine, addictive disorders and for the enhancement of cognitive functions.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation (TCM): The SHA Wellness Clinic TCM specialist Philippa Harvey, in her practice carried out indicative TCM diagnoses along with acupuncture sessions to rebalance the body and the harmony of the different organs through the correct flow of energy.

He sought comprehensive solutions by strengthening the immune system and enhancing the body’s own healing and purifying power through ancestral principles, with the combination of TCM and Western to prevent the development of mild diseases, as well as a faster recovery.

Also, during those days, in the Blanc restaurant of Mandarin Oriental Barcelona, you could enjoy a proposal of healthy haute cuisine prepared by the kitchen team at SHA Wellness Clinic, led by Lixi Lineas, their Head Chef, and Andrés Morá, their Healthy Pastry Chef. A proposal made up of a lunch menu and a tasting menu for dinner that combined the pleasure of enjoying eating with healthy, energetic, and balanced nutrition where, in addition, the healthy benefits of the SHA nutritional concept were explained.

SHA’s mission is to create positive, substantial and lasting change in people’s health and wellbeing, to achieve total balance.”

SHA Wellness Clinic is one of Europe’s leading medical complexes located between the Sierra Helada Natural Park and the Bay of Altea in Alicante, Spain. SHA Wellness Clinic is a world pioneer in integrative medicine and the SHA Method, developed and supervised by world-renowned experts, integrating the most advanced treatments of scientific medicine, especially in the field of preventive, genetic and anti-ageing medicine, with the most effective natural therapies, giving special prominence to healthy and balanced nutrition.

SHA Wellness Clinic offers different health programmes, each personalised according to the medical and therapeutic criteria of the experts, to meet the needs and wellness objectives of each person.

It is a life-transforming experience, where health is understood not only as the absence of disease, but as an optimal state of complete physical, mental, spiritual wellbeing and in harmony with the environment, maintaining an ideal weight and great vitality.

The brand have announced ambitious expansion plans to bring its award-winning SHA concept worldwide, with the opening of two new properties on different continents over the next two years. SHA Mexico will open in mid-2023 and SHA Emirates in AlJurf in late 2024.

We hope that the union of these two great wellness companies, Mandarin Oriental and the SHA Wellness Clinic is not limited to a single Pop-Up, but it is the beginning of future and interesting proposals that we can enjoy in Barcelona.

Thank you, Mandarin Oriental Barcelona and SHA Wellness Clinic, for offering me the unique opportunity to enjoy the excellence of wellness at your Pop-Up.

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