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Yes to Dr. Ana Wang’s regenerative medicine at Bioregeneración WGB

Photo taken 5 days after having the growth factor treatment done.

This is an absolutely atypical publication because I am disobeying the will of Dr. Ana Wang, pioneer in biological medicine and specialist in regenerative medicine, who in her work goes for the communicative level only and exclusively for the “word of mouth”. Without a doubt, this is my personal “word of mouth”, and I do not want to miss the opportunity to share my great discovery with everyone: HER. For me, the wisdom, the eye, and the hands of naturalness.

My good friend Damien Ducorney, the owner of L’Adresse, had been insisting to me for some time that I had to go and visit her at her Bioregeneración WGB centre. I had heard wonderful things about it – in aesthetic medicine I am afraid, I like naturalness and I am terrified of blurring it –, but Dr. Ana Wang’s specialisation goes much further: her work focuses on regenerative medicine and, precisely because of that, I finally succumbed.

Dr. Ana Wang is a pioneer in biological medicine, first with growth factors and currently also with stem cells, and the use and application she makes of this both in anti-ageing medicine and in skin treatments for injuries, is incredible.

“Life expectancy has increased dramatically, but that does not mean that we all get to the same age with the same quality of life. That is why at Bioregeneración WGB we are proposing a new way of approaching our ageing and we are going for regenerative medicine in treatments.”

“So far what medicine has done is to keep discovering diseases, to go looking for therapies for these diseases and now comes the challenge of our biology: we are studying the cell, all the components of the cell and all of the reactions, all the power that it has to repair”.

I had the treatment with growth factors or platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that uses signalling proteins, cytokines and other substances that are obtained from one’s blood. They drew a small amount of blood from me and centrifuged it. From this centrifugation, the red blood cells were deposited at the bottom of the tube and in the layer above the leukocytes, or white blood cells, were deposited. In the upper layer, the plasma with all substances makes the repair of damaged tissue possible. Within the plasma layer, we can differentiate two fractions: the rich fraction and the platelet-poor fraction. Both have restorative properties, both alone and in combination. When they inject these substances into the face (in my case) they trigger a whole series of biological processes that help repair damaged tissues. They stimulate fibroblasts to generate collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin, improving the appearance of the skin by giving it more volume and reducing the appearance of fine lines. The visual effect, colloquially speaking, comes to be like when you inject hyaluronic acid, plumped out, but the platelet-rich plasma is 100% natural since it is extracted from your own blood, and the best thing is that it repairs the damaged tissue from the inside increasing the ability of the skin to rejuvenate on its own, without surgery or medications. When I was injected with platelets concentrated on my face, the real magic happened. It’s all benefits.

The treatment with growth factors encourages the body to use its own healing processes more effectively, rejuvenate tired and aged skin, and replace damaged skin cells with new ones, significantly faster than the body could normally achieve on its own.

In summary, some of the benefits offered up by growth factors on the face and scalp are:

– It increases collagen, a protein that enhances cell regeneration and promotes the repair of dark spots, marks and scars, fine lines, among others. Collagen is well known when it comes to preventing and slowing down the appearance of wrinkles.

– It promotes the production of elastin, a substance indicated to preserve the elasticity of the skin and to decrease the appearance of wrinkles. It is perfect for faces that have lost their tonicity.

– It is an excellent treatment to prevent the appearance of alterations in the skin that appear with age. In fact, these substances help to delay the ageing of the skin.

– It stimulates hair growth. If applied on the scalp you can observe increased hair growth. It is perfect for cases of alopecia or for times when you can lose a lot of hair (stress, the autumn, etc.). You will notice the growth of strong, shiny hair with a healthier colour.

My experience has been so good that I decided to share it no matter what. I was amazed by the attention and dedication I received on the first visit from Dr. Ana Wang, how she analysed my face, the proposal she made to me based on a regenerative treatment to improve and enhance the naturalness, the reason for each step, etc. It gave me so much confidence and peace of mind that it won me over.

“We believe that it is essential that external results are the reflection of a vitalist, balanced and, above all, healthy attitude. That is why we offer personalised customer service and exclusive treatments aimed at the needs of each patient.”

Photography: Patricia Bonet.

Dress: Zimmermann SS 2021 for Santa Eulalia. Bucket: Sensi Studio. Sandals: Jimmy Choo. ‘Bouquet’: Bossvi.

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