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BOSSVI NEWS. Bossvi have just opened their new space on 78 Calle Londres

We announced it here on 21st May 21: Bossvi were about to move to a new location on 78 Calle Londres, just 150 metres from their previous location. Move made!

Bossvi have just opened their new space dedicated exclusively to flowers and artificial plants. More than 300 m2 dedicated to a resource in which they have always believed and want to dignify.

“Now we can better express what we know how to do through this wider space and with natural light.”

“Our proposal is to discover artificial flowers without giving up on fresh flowers, and vice versa. It is an inclusive proposal, decorating in a sustainable and long-term way without the need to pretend to look natural until the last minute, but worthy and of quality. That is to say that a composition or creation by Bossvi becomes a perfectly valid piece to decorate a space without prejudice, nor to be compared because it is not natural, but simply because it is decorative. They are unique pieces designed to occupy a space in a coherent way, and as a last premise I always think if I could in my house.” Enric Bosser, creator of the Bossvi concept.

The new space on 78 Calle Londres has an extensive exhibition of selected flower stems, with more than 50 varieties; artificial plants meticulously chosen and with finishes made in their workshop. Their proposal is not to buy and sell, but to study your purchases very well and transform them into a product from your own brand: Bossvi.

The new exhibition also has an area dedicated to artificial vertical gardens for both the indoors and outdoors. It is a technique that they master and in which they are very specialised; their goal is to always know where they are going to go and their functionality, while complying with the aesthetic part.

The store is thought out and designed for the individual and professional showing clear proposals of compositions and staging so that the customer can see the final result without having to imagine it.

Note that Bossvi are also continuing to bet on their floral workshop available to offer up tailor-made arrangements for customers who bring their own vase or want a specific composition.

In addition, the new enclave of Bossvi on 78 Calle Londres, has 9 majestic windows of a traditional Ensanche estate, in which Enric Bosser can exhibit and show many of the facets that he knows how to develop for business cases, such as decorating and solving spaces of hotels and restaurants. It is a source of inspiration for interior designers and architects who need to make quality and unique vegetable finishes.

In short, the 9 windows available to the premises are an explosion of creativity and art that, after 21 years dedicated to transforming spaces do justice to everything learned, have developed and contributed to the world of flowers and artificial plants.

Bossvi began in 1998 in a beautiful and endearing modernist estate on Enric Granados. In 2009 they moved to Calle París, and now they have settled on Calle Londres. With this third move and improvement of space, Bossvi want to start a new stage full of enthusiasm after a few hard months of the pandemic betting with a more mature and advanced vision of their project: ARTificial.

Photography: Patricia Bonet.

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