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LPG’s® new lethal weapon to combat all types of cellulite (aqueous, adipose or even fibrous) is adding a trio of aces that you have to know about

90% of women have cellulite regardless of our morphology. It’s not related to being overweight and it’s not solved just by exercising – I wish it were that simple! Eliminating it completely is impossible, but improving it is definitely doable, and the LPG® Group have been

Recently LPG® have developed a new body treatment regime at the forefront of innovation to act on all types of cellulite (aqueous, adipose or even fibrous), formulated to smooth the appearance of orange peel to the maximum. With this new regime, the result of the union of their knowledge and experience, LPG experts have approached and studied cellulite from all possible angles and based on its main causes to create an excellent protocol, a trio of effective aces that combine cellular stimulation with intensive anti-cellulite cosmetics and bespoke manual massage techniques. Let me explain it in depth.

One thing to bear in mind before we get down to the nitty gritty: there is not one, but several types of cellulite.

Adipose cellulite (a problem caused by excess fat). It is the result of the accumulation of fat cells under the hypodermis. It is usually due to poor diet and lack of exercise. It is located on the buttocks, thighs, hips, saddle bags, abdomen, and inner side of the knees. It causes irregularities in the skin. How to take action according to the LPG experts? Change bad eating habits, exercise, eliminate fat and limit its reappearance.

Aqueous cellulite (the most common). It is also known as oedematous and is related to venous and lymphatic circulation problems. It is the result of a build-up of water in the skin tissues, or fluid retention. It is located mainly in the legs, which usually swell easily. This is the type of cellulite that I have. How to take action according to the LPG experts? Stimulate circulation to drain fluids.

Fibrous cellulite (the most painful). It is the result of the progressive hardening of the septae that trap fat cells. It appears mostly in young women, is located on the buttocks and thighs, and is painful to the touch. It has dimples and is the most difficult type of cellulite to remove. How to take action according to the LPG experts? Soften the septas for long-lasting results.

The new endermologie® anti-cellulite treatment is performed with the Cellu M6 Alliance team, applying the SWING endermologie® technique. The treatment consists of 3 key stages that provide a reinforced anti-cellulite action creating an authentic feeling of well-being:

Step: Mobilise and drain. The tissue is mobilised with the Cellu M6 Alliance equipment head in specific areas (sacral area, buttocks, thighs, and calves) to drain, reactivate circulatory exchanges and prepare the skin for the second phase of stimulation.

Step: Make the fibres more flexible, release fat and tone the skin. Being first lying face down and then face up, the new torsion techniques called -SWING- are performed on buttocks, back (and then front) thighs and cartridge cases, to make the fibres more flexible, soften the septae and stimulate natural lipolysis (fat release). The suction action also improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin because it generates endogenous collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, fundamental for skin elasticity, density, and turgor.

Step: Wraparound manual massage and relaxation. The treatment ends with the application of the intensive anti-cellulite serum and the anti-cellulite gel-cream of LPG. In each area, from the plantar arch to the buttocks, a series of manual manoeuvres are performed with the fingers and palms of the hands that include: intense and constant pressure, circular smoothing movements, alternating roller movements, kneading and pumping to facilitate the release of fat; all this together with other soft, slow and enveloping movements, which facilitate deep relaxation and offer the opportunity to disconnect.

The intensive anti-cellulite serum is highly concentrated in active ingredients and acts super effectively on cellulite, even the most rebellious. It acts intensively improving skin elasticity, protecting the supporting fibres that surround the adipocytes of the skin. It also actively combats the expansion of fat cells and the storage of liquids. With its daily use, the skin regains flexibility and becomes smoother and more toned. Its liquid texture of rapid skin absorption acts in perfect synergy with that of the cream gel for an optimal result. VISIBLE RESULTS ON FIBROUS CELLULITE: Less visible fat nodules: -12%*. Smoother skin: 100%. Less visible cellulite when standing: 92%. Attenuated irregularities: 82%.

The anti-cellulite gel-cream: The new release by LPG®! LPG® anti-cellulite gel-cream specifically treats all signs of cellulite, whether adipose or watery (fat nodules, orange peel, excess skin fluids). It helps to reverse the process of generating cellulite, reducing the excessive expansion of adipocytes, combating the storage of liquids, and acting on the appearance of the skin. The skin looks smoother and more toned. Its gel-cream texture provides a feeling of freshness while ensuring a prolonged massage. VISIBLE RESULTS! Number of fat nodules: -14%. Smoother skin: 100%. Attenuated irregularities: 92%. Less visible cellulite when standing: 86%**

Cellulite visibly attenuated when pinching: 80%.

Results: With this new regime, a more powerful and deeper, more intense, and sensory action is achieved to smooth the orange peel more effectively. It is a fact that with each session the skin becomes firmer and more toned, and the appearance of cellulite is visibly attenuated. I am doing it and I can guarantee it.

The treatment should be carried out twice a week. The total number of sessions required will be determined by the BLAUCELDONA team based on the needs and expectations of each client.

Photography: Patricia Bonet.
Location: Blauceldona. Centro de Carrer del Milanesat, 32, 08017 Barcelona.

Production and styling: Mariona Planas.

Makeup: Núria Ribera.
Hair: Vanitas Espai.

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