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Santa Eulalia are presenting their vintage poster collection “The Barcelona Haute Couture Poster Collection”, edited by Stick No Bills®

Last Thursday, 15th December, Santa Eulalia alongside the specialists in ancient and contemporary signage Stick No Bills, presented the launch of a wonderful collection of posters, one hundred years after its creation.

The designs that were presented were selected among the period originals preserved in the precious archives of Santa Eulalia and, later, remastered and printed with high quality standards by Stick No Bills®. The posters, with their fabulous illustrations, show the haute couture style of the time and witness not only an era, but also the iconic role that Santa Eulalia had in the world of fashion and, by extension, in Barcelona, placing them on the world stage of fashion over their one hundred and eighty years of history.

“These wonderful illustrated designs, which were originally hand-painted, are works of art, made by renowned illustrators of the time and commissioned by my grandfather and namesake Luis Sans, and are an emblem of our rich legacy.

“We are therefore delighted that, thanks to the meticulous dedication of Stick No Bills, they will come back to life today, and will not only be displayed in our store, superbly framed in a large format, but will now also be accessible to a global audience both online and at many other certified outlets courtesy of Stick No Bills.” Luis Sans Mercé, President of Santa Eulalia

On her side, Meg Gage Williams, British founder and CEO of Stick No Bills®, said:

“We are honoured to provide this service of preservation, digitisation and revitalisation of the graphic legacy of Santa Eulalia, such a remarkable institution with such a rich tradition in Barcelona, the most vibrant capital of the Mediterranean, of which we are proud to be part as it is our main headquarters in continental Europe.

“We are delighted to bring this preservation, digitisation and reactivation service to such a remarkable and long-standing institution here in Barcelona, the pioneering metropolis of the Mediterranean, which we are proud to have now turned into the headquarters of continental Europe and the manufacturing center of our poster art company.

“The deeper we delve into our historical research for this creative project, the more we appreciate the extent to which Santa Eulalia, by embracing the power of poster art as a quintessential visual communication tool for more than a century, has helped shape and define the sense of stylistic, place-centered identity of modern Barcelona on the world stage.

“These treasured and uniquely licensed images therefore serve us very well in our strategic mission to mark Barcelona as a centre of cultural and architectural excellence alongside the other much-loved travel destinations we champion.

The posters can be purchased at the Santa Eulalia boutique, and at their  Bistrot visitors and customers can enjoy a careful display of the Haute Couture Poster Art Collection. They are also available on the website of Stick No Bills® here, in all kinds of formats and editions (open and limited), from packs® of ten miniature postcards (14.95 euros), to the most exclusive edition, the Master Edition (edition of 1) with 24-carat gold (12,000 euros), which includes an art deco frame of solid wood with gold leaf,  Anti-reflective glass, with UV protection and worldwide shipping included.

I want to point out that, coinciding with its launch, in Santa Eulalia they will only be available for approximately one month. Subsequently, they will continue to be on sale on the Stick No Bills® website.

* Note that fixed percentages of Stick no Bills’ net proceeds from all sales go to Doctors Without Borders to support their vital projects in the region.

Bringing the poster design back to life, that way of communicating fashion throughout Europe in the 1910s, helps SE to know and relive memorable moments in the history of fashion, and we can enjoy them in our private environment.

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