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The last 3 treatments from the Total Sublime programme by LPG Endermologie

On 28th February via Diario de Estilo (“Diary of Style”) I introduced you to the new specific programme called Total Sublime, which was developed and launched by LPG in order to get your face and body ready in 14 days with 6 different treatments, all of them based on their patented endermologie technique which is 100% natural, non-invasive and non-aggressive and able to reactivate the fibroblasts so that they can start producing new hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin.

As I mentioned to you beforehand, the 6 (face and body) treatments in the Total Sublime programme have been designed to be applied/carried out in the following order:
14 days in advance. 1st Session. Getting kissable lips.
10 days in advance: 2nd Session. An hourglass waistline to be grabbed hold of.
6 days in advance: 3rd Session. Firm and perky cleavage area.
4 days in advance: 4th Session. Rested and rejuvenated eye contour zone.
1 day in advance: 5th Session. Tight buttocks.
D day: 6th Session. Legs to be caressed.

In my previous post I told all of you about what the first 3 treatments and benefits of it were (here). Today I want to tell you all about the benefits of the last 3 treatments thus adding the finishing touches to this thorough makeover for showing off lovely skin this spring.

4th Session. Rested and rejuvenated eye contour zone (BLUR OUT DARK CIRCLES -15.1% AND REDUCE EYE BAGS – 18.8%). This treatment rejuvenates the eye contour area. Having cleansed your skin and getting rid of any impurities with the Lotion Micellaire Pré-Traitement micellar water, the Ergolift facial applicator head is used via a mechanical a mechanical massage which improves vascularization and the quality of all of the skin in the eye contour area. This way puffiness is diminished, dark circles are less visible, and crow’s feet appear “filled in”.

After that, pre-cut masks that have been soaked in 15% of the Premium LPG complex which is rich in hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin specially designed for the eye contour zone, with the Masque Contour Yeux Post-Traitment offering an immediate tightening and draining effect. This concludes with the application of the fluid eye cream Soin Total Contour Yeux which contains 6% of the exclusive antiaging LPG complex and 2% of haloxyl (an ingredient which controls cutaneous pigmentation and is ideal for blurring out dark circles, wrinkles and eye bags).

This is one of my favourite treatments in the Total Sublime programme thanks to the immediacy of its good results.

5th Session. Tight buttocks. (CELLULITE IS 67% SMOOTHER). With the Glutes and Saddlebags Endermologie treatment you can reduce cellulite and reclaim skin’s firmness. Having prepared and revitalized the skin with the Micro Peeling Cleansing Cream, the area is worked on with the new body applicator head by the LPG team called CELLU M6 ALLIANCE, – with patented endermologie technology–, which allows the fat cells to be mobilized and liberates the fibrous septae that pull the skin downwards and cause those little potholes that are characteristic of cellulite. At the same time, the circulatory system is activated, and the fibroblasts are stimulated with the aim of producing new hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. In this way you can get rid of cellulite and have a firm, well-shaped bottom. The treatment finishes off with the application of the Lipo-Reducer Gel, which reduces volume and shreds fat.

6th Session. Legs to be caressed (VENOUS CIRCULATION X 4%). This Endermologie Detox treatment drains the toxins that have been accumulated and re-oxygenises the tissue. The body applicator head by the LPG team, CELLU M6 ALLIANCE, carries out a mechanical and stimulating massage which gives off micro-pulsations over the flanks of the legs which are responsible for getting rid of toxins, activating circulation and lymphatic drainage, improving vascularization, fluid retention and the quality of the skin. The result is slim-looking legs that feel light. The treatment ends with the upward application from the ankles to hips of the Light Legs Spray, which activates the microcirculation of the arteries and decongests tired legs immediately.

I want to add that the treatments for the waist and abdomen, buttocks and legs, are ideal treatments to have done continuously because their effectiveness is boosted to the max. In my opinion, they are very effective treatments if they are thought out properly according to the needs of every skin type and are accompanied by a good diet and exercise regime. It is important to let yourself be advised by the team of professionals who work at Blauceldona.

LPG Edermólogie makes an excellent world-leading treatment for cellular stimulation available to us which is able to reduce, redefine and treat cellulite and orange-peel skin, improve the skin and rejuvenate the face by diminishing signs of ageing. The whole thing, as I have already told you about previously, is carried out via non-invasive patented technology which reactivates the metabolism of the cells in a natural way through the patented LPG® treatment applicator heads, which are able to send signals to the cells, thus achieving incredible results.

I honestly believe that good results come thanks to having the right balance: Healthy diet + exercise + gadgets. This is my triple-ace threat.

For those of you who are going for this third ultra-effective route which will help stimulate cell movement and go beyond limited cosmetology with its superficial action and an aggressive injection that has side effects, give Blauceldona a call ( Muntaner: 93 461 57 59 / Provenza: 93 453 38 13) and ask them about the wonders of the Total Sublime by LPG programme. Their team will give you the star treatment.

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