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Wilkinson for Women, the most pleasurable latest generation hair removal

I was reading recently: “The journey of cosmetics is persisting, unyieldingly, its movement towards full-on personal care. Its main new releases are coming out, with their names spelt out, to all of the areas of wellbeing.” On the long list of brands that are picking up brownie points for helping us to improve our full body care by making their latest innovations available to us is Wilkinson for Women.

The ladies’ range by Wilkinson means the most cutting-edge razors which are 100% adapted to the needs of every kind of woman with different kinds of accessories.

Among their new releases are Intuition Sensitive Care, Quattro for Women Bikini, Intuition FAB and Xtreme 3 Beauty. How do they differ? Their specific care during the shaving process. Their new shaving systems pamper the skin at all times so that every woman is able to enjoy a hair removal experience which adapts to their needs by making sure the skin is nourished and hydrated. You can find more details below.

Intuition Sensitive Care, soft skin all year round. This 3 in 1 system is the only one that lathers up, removes the hair and moisturises in just one step. It contains soft ingredients which revitalise and nourish the skin during the hair removal process. Soaked in aloe vera and enriched with vitamin E on the razor head, it acheives a simpler and more pleasant shaving experience, getting more coverage in less time. It’s perfect for sensitive skin as it is hyperallergenic and fragrance-free. Its natural ingredients prevent redness and shaving nicks, because it helps to close pores quickly. It works really well – I can assure you! Highly recommended.

Intuition FAB, effortless hair removal. This system incorporates avantgarde technology which can in just one movement remove hair in a forward and backward motion, which is completely effortless thanks to its 5 directed blades and its optimised handle that minimises the amount of pressure put on. It is an ideal razor for when we are in a hurry and we are looking for a perfect shave.

Quattro for Women Bikini, for a forever perfect bikini. This system combines two accessories in one: the razor head for body hair removal, and the touch up head for the bikini line. The top razor head has aloe vera which allows a smooth gliding action and a trimmer with three positions in order to achieve sleek results in the bikini line. In my opinion, it is a flawless system for hair removal in the bikini line.

Xtreme 3 Beauty, for the younger audience. This system is perfect for women who are just getting started with hair removal. Its size is ideal to keep it handy in your wash bag at all times. This disposable razor is very flexible and is able to reach the most inaccessible areas so as to get a flawless finish. Its blades contain aloe vera and jojoba oil, making it the perfect accessory to take care of the most sensitive skin types.

Just a few days before summer begins, we are stating loud and clear that, to look beautiful, we don’t always have to suffer.


Photography: Patricia Bonet.
Productions and styling: Mariona Planas.

Hair and make up: Núria Ribera.
Manicure and pedicure: Vanitas Espai.

Eco-friendly swimwear: AllSisters.

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