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Gift yourself and give the gift of beauty and wellbeing for this festive period

I like and I feel amazed in equal parts to find out that at difficult times, if there is one thing that us women keep investing in more or less depending on our individual personal circumstances is in self-care, in trying to feel good on the inside as well as on the outside, in searching for the wellbeing that give us balance and helps us to keep going. Investing in GNH (Gross National Happiness) is necessary.

The set of pre-Christmas beauty suggestions is starting for all kinds of women, lifestyles and budgets. From the most inspiring make-up looks, to the most desirable flash treatments, via the top body treatments, the tips and tricks that we all want to know, etc. The aim? To take good care of ourselves to look and feel better.

We are learning and adapting our beauty routines to these new times whereby the skin is suffering from the effects of wearing face coverings. It is important to look after and pamper the skin on our face: a healthy diet, good habits, a consistent beauty routine and choosing the right cosmetics that our skin needs at all times. And yes, going for cosmetics brands that work well with high-quality ingredients and their special formulas offer up excellent visible results. Among them is LPG Endermologie.

The LPG Systems laboratories, who have been skincare experts for 30 years, have finetuned a cutting-edge and personalized solution: high-tech formulas with the maximum concentration of active ingredients, without parabens or any phenoxyethanol.

The endermologie® cosmétiques line for the face proposes an anti-ageing treatment base don the 3 main types of cutaneous ageing and on the face’s morphotypes identified by the experts at LPG: sallowness, deepening and swelling.

The French brand have just launched 3 face care options with a serum and a moisturizing cream in each one of them, in order to gift them to ourselves or give them to others for this Christmas time:

Firming Anti-ageing Pack: Intense Moisture Serum + Firming Toning Cream.

Volumising Anti-ageing Pack: Energising Radiance Serum + Re-densifying Plumping Cream.

Premium Anti-ageing Pack: Cellular Regeneration Anti-ageing Serum + Cellular Regeneration Anti-ageing Cream.

Firming Anti-ageing Pack: Intense Moisture Serum + Firming Toning Cream. This is my one. Let me explain.

Intense Moisture Serum. The intense moisture serum contains7% hyaluronic acid with a high molecular weight, with great performing and water retaining molecules that allow the skin to be intensely hydrated and protected, filling in the wrinkle creases at an epidermic level thanks to its volumizing effect. It is suitable for all skin types and morphotypes.

Its benefits: Intense hydration, it protects the skin and prevents the evaporation of water (dehydration), and fill in expression lines and wrinkle from the outside.

Instructions for use: Apply to the face, neck and decolletage after cleansing the skin with soft upward movements until its full absorption. It is recommended to use it after any application of acids. It does not contain any parabens nor phenoxyethanol.

Firming Toning Cream. The cream with a toning and an immediate lifting effect, firms and softens expression lines on the face. It contains 7% of the the exclusive LPG® anti-ageing complex and 4% Ovalift® (oat polysaccharide) which sticks to the skin forming a toning film with an immediate effect thus blurring out expression lines. It is recommended for skin showing signs of sagginess.

Its benefits: Immediate lifting effect, it firms and softens wrinkles, and stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, preventing their deterioration.

Instructions for use: Apply after the endermologie® treatment with soft upward movements until its full absorption. It is important to not rub it in continuously so as not to break down the firming film with its immediate lifting effect. Recommended for sagging skin. It does not contain any parabens nor phenoxyethanol.

Where can you get hold of these endermologie® cosmétiques packs? They are not on sale on the LPG website, you will be able to find them at your favourite local LPG beauty salon. I suggest you check out the link to search for their beauty salons here. At every salon they will let you know what the benefits of every pair of products are and they will advise you to select the right one for you.

Well-looked after skin is healthy skin. Take care of yourself for your own good! That is my recommendation.

Photography: Patricia Bonet.
Location: Hotel H10 Casa Mimosa.

Production ans styling: Mariona Planas.
Dress: Vagary Kalon.

Hair and mke up: Núria Ribera.
Woodlights and manicure: Vanitas Espai.

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