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LPG are bringing us their reformulated best-seller, the Gel Lipo-Réducteur, and a powerful slimming concentrate in 100% vegetable-based capsules, the Concentré Minceur

Yes, we are in luck because when LPG Endermologie launche either new treatments, or cosmetics, or nutricosmetics, it puts at our disposal a new range of hyper-effective aesthetic benefits that will do us good.

The French brand LPG Endermologie, well renowned for its world-leading treatment in body and facial cell stimulation capable of reducing, redefining and treating orange peel skin, improving the skin, and rejuvenating the face by attenuating signs of ageing through its patented non-invasive technology, which naturally reactivates the metabolism of cells through patented LPG® treatment heads which allow signals to be sent to cells , thus obtaining incredible results, have just launched their reformulated best-seller, the Gel Lipo-Réducteur, and it is accompanied by a powerful slimming concentrate in 100% vegetable-based capsules, the Concentré Minceur. Let me explain.

Thanks to its benefits, the Gel Lipo-Réducteur by LPG Endermologie has become a bestseller for the French brand, and in the spirit of continuing to innovate, the LPG Systems laboratories, experts in skincare for 30 years, have improved this slimming complex.

The new exclusive slimming complex is formulated with: marjoram leaves, which activate the extracellular matrix, giving the skin cells structure and strengthening them, activating the fibroblasts thus protecting them from epigenetic changes and stimulating their vitality; crocus bulbs, which stimulate communication between the active ingredients and the cells from epidermis to dermis, increase collagen and elastin production; hyaluronic acid, which preserves hydration and prevents skin ageing, of low molecular weight, taking action on the epidermis where it plumps out the skin from the inside and activates the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid for firmer and smoother skin.

Plus 3 slimming and innovative active ingredients: plankton, which acts overnight as a cellular trainer for the adipocytes limiting fat storage; bergamot, which visibly smooths the skin and at the same time provides an intense feeling of lightness; purple loosestrife, which firms and sculpts the silhouette, offering up a great push-up effect.

In short, its benefits: Push-up effect, a redefined silhouette, volume reduction, more hydrated skin, gaining elasticity and firmness.

Directions for use: It is recommended to apply it in the morning or in the evening. Warm up the product in your hands and rub it in with a massage, focussing on the areas with volume (thighs, buttocks, abdomen, etc.) until it is fully absorbed. WARNING! It is not advisable for pregnant and/or nursing women.

The slimming concentrate, Concentré Minceur, has joined the line of endermologie® nutricosmetics, famous for their high-tech formulations, their concentration of natural ingredients, their 14-day express programmes and their functionality.

It comes in 100% vegetable-based capsules with concentrated natural plant extracts made up of: fucus (fibre-rich seaweed that fights cravings thanks to its satiating action), green tea (it stimulates the fat burning action), yerba mate and guarana (they contain a high concentration of caffeine, which boosts the fat burning process), dandelion (known for its draining properties), chromium (it maintains blood sugar levels), zinc and copper (for the correct functioning of the metabolism).

Its benefits: Satiating effect, burning and draining fat, helping the correct functioning of our metabolism.

Directions for use: Two capsules per day. Its recommended intake is in the morning after breakfast. For optimal results, it is advisable to take this supplement for 2 months in a row. A maximum of 8 bottles can be taken per year, not consecutively; you have to rest for 1 month after taking 2 bottles in a row.

As for the contraindications, it is recommended not to exceed the recommended dose. It contains caffeine. It is not recommended for children, adolescents, pregnant and/or nursing women. It is not recommended, without medical advice, for people who have chronic pathologies or take blood thinners. It may contain traces of gluten, fish, crustaceans and mollusks.

Anyone who also needs extra help to treat stubborn areas that are resistant to exercise, and food hygiene can request 100% natural and non-invasive endermologie body treatments from the Blauceldona team.

The new patented Alliance, endermologie® treatment head allows us to locally treat and fine-tune the areas we need (arms, back, belly, waist, thighs, etc.) while precisely adapting to the needs of each skin.

Endermologie® stimulates slimming cells (adipocytes) to reactivate the natural elimination of fat, even the most resistant to physical exercise and diet (+70%*). Simultaneously, the mechanical action of the treatment head firms the skin to restore firmness and tonicity.

The Skin Alliance Identity sensor allows you to precisely adapt the stimulation to the identity of each skin type: the intensity of the treatment is optimised and the skin is always respected.


The new patented LPG® head combines the motorised roller and valve with sequential suction that work together to stimulate and mobilise tissues in depth. This alliance allows multidimensional stimulation to reactivate the different physiological mechanisms at the same time.

I always recommend LPG Endermologie for treatments, cosmetics and nutricosmetics, because as a user, I attest to their benefits. LPG Endermologie offers, and we have it at our disposal.

Where can you get hold of these endermologie® cosmétiques ? They are not on sale on the LPG website, you will be able to find them at your favourite local LPG beauty salon. I suggest you check out the link to search for their beauty salons here

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