[Fashion Spy] Ethics and aesthetics go hand in hand at Begood, a greener and more sustainable fashion alternative for the environment and people.

“The fashion business is in the process of transformation. One, led by a necessary ethical commitment, in which not only luxury brands are taking part, but also, above all, more modest projects whereby sustainability and local production are imperative”. In this vain, small, and medium-sized companies, brands, etc. have decided to start, or rethink, their business model going for greener choices and / or more sustainable alternatives for the environment and people. This is the case of the fashion and accessories store Begood, located on 26 Calle Santa Clara, in Girona.

“Aware of the climate and environmental issues that our planet is facing, we firmly believe in the concept of ‘slow fashion’, and we are committed to brands that make their items of clothing with natural fabrics, such as organic cottons that are free from pesticides and chemical agents, etc.”.

Their commitment is clear: to encourage the purchase of better-quality items of clothing (which will last longer) and whose manufacturing process has been fair and ethical with people, animals, and the planet. “Our commitment to sustainable brands is growing to contribute our small drops in the ocean towards the joint effort to protect the planet. We believe that fashion, apart from being aesthetically pleasing, should be ethical”.

The brands you can find at Begood include Five Jeans, Leon & Harper, Thinking Mu, An’ge Paris, Gïa GaÏa, Kanken, Vagabong, Nuoc and a wide range of products purchased on their trips to Morocco, Bali, India… where they also currently have small workshops of artisans who make the Begood collection.

My choice: the asymmetric bodysuit bearing the Gaïa Gaïa label, a brand that due to its experience in the fashion industry (a Laidback Luxury brand founded in 2020 by Quince & Zoe Karssen) has led them to rethink a better and more environmentally friendly way of designing and manufacturing products and, at the same time, improve their business model so as to make it more efficient and less wasteful. “GAÏA GAÏA is a non-seasonal brand, we only produce and bring out items of clothing that we are really passionate about.”

More and more brands are changing their manufacturing processes and materials used in order to stick to eco-sustainable standards, or by going for local and nearby artisan trade.

Every decision, every small – or rather big – action focused on making the world a kinder and more sustainable place, counts. It all adds up. Responsible, sustainable, and soulful fashion is possible.

Body Gaïa GaÏa here New Collection for Begood C/ Santa Clara, 26, Gerona. Info:  972 22 84 86. Skirt: Pinko (old). Leggings: Calzedonia (old). Shoes: Valentino. Micro Hale bag: Jimmy Choo SS 2022.

Photography: Gorka González.
Hair: Vanitas Espai.

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