Trendyhair, a hair cosmetics brand with its own soul and voice

Today I want to talk to you about Trendyhair, a hair cosmetics brand with its own universe that conveys its sensory experiences and its way of understanding the world and how we go about it in every one of their products.

Trendyhair was founded in Barcelona in 2012 as a response to the concerns and dreams if its founders to create their own hair care products brand having clocked up 12 years’ experience in the hair cosmetics sector looking for and selecting the best ingredients all around the world in order to create cosmetics for other brands.

“We make prestigious hair care products from the union of unconnected worlds, seemingly antagonistic cultures, industrialisation and age-old alchemy, and that’s how we create a convergent epicentre in a divergent world. We drink from the fountain of fashion culture, from the perfume world and the obsession with travelling. This inspirational world has been materialised with our beauty ritual Elastic. It’s an introspection into ancient Japanese culture turning it into a unique experience in the customer’s salon.”

The brand began its journey by launching a hair therapy treatment by way of a ritual for exclusive use in hair salons: The Ritual. The treatment is formulated with the highest quality ingredients: pure keratin, ginseng and Actiscent® Parfum micro particles to replenish the hair’s wellbeing and stimulate its growth. I want to point out that the fragrance that Trendyhair use is active, unlike others, and it contains a significant amount of vitamins, proteins and amino acids that act cosmetically (in addition to their scent) on the hair.

Among the benefits of the ritual at a cosmetic and treatment level:
Elasticity: With a high concentration of pure keratin and energising ginseng extract, it restores the hair’s elasticity in just a few minutes.
Rejuvenation: It’s a product that rejuvenates your hair; replenishing the shine it has lost over the years.
Repair: Hair health improves and, as a result, its appearance does. Its innovative formula restores the hair surface from root to tip.

Protection: The Keratin produces a special film that protects the hair from external factors such as the cold, dryness or the sun.
Receptiveness: After the treatment, the hair responds better to cosmetic products, colouring and bleaching processes.
Elimination of porosity: It is ideal for treating trichoptilosis, getting rid of hair porosity.
Growth: Thanks to the ginseng; the hair’s ability for growth improves, increasing the feeling of volume.

The benefits of the treatment can be seen from the third/fourth application. The cosmetic benefits are instantaneous: shine, softness and silkiness.

“We are bringing the essence of Japan to the most prestigious hair salons. Inspired by the simplicity of bamboo and handcrafted oriental ceramics that are present in the ancient Japanese tea ceremonies, we have adapted the tools from the tea ceremony by turning them into unique beauty instruments in order to create The Ritual.”

Trendyhair was such a success that they went ahead and formulated, developed and presented several complete hair care products lines that today includes the Elastic Hydration Line (shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and deluxe travel kit), Wakame Styling Line (serum), Business Line (travel kits from the Elastic Hydration line and the Shikiso Color line), Elastic Therapy (moisturising hair treatment in single doses for professional use), Shikiso Color Line (shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and deluxe travel kit), Technical Line (compact bleaching, cream oxidant, colour uplifting treatment and scalp protector for professional use)…

I use the shampoo and conditioner from the Elastic Hydration line, and the Wakame serum, and I am quite frankly satisfied with its benefits and results. I must point out that I haven’t tried The Ritual yet, but I have heard wonderful things about it and I want to experience it first hand before daring to give reviews (no matter how good they may be) from third parties. The quality of their formulations should means it’d be a very beneficial and full-on sensory experience for my hair.

It’s clear that the unexpected is always inspiring, and Trendyhair is an example of that.

Fotos: Patricia Bonet. Localización: Freakstudio.
Maquillaje: Núria Ribera. Manicura: Vanitas Espai.

Producción y estilismo: Mariona Planas.

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