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Lora Boutique Dental, at the cutting edge of dental health and cosmetics

Having spent twelve years trying out treatments first hand, sharing my opinions based on my own experience and publishing them exclusively and solely when their virtues were tried and tested to match their claims. I promised to be one hundred percent honest, this implied limiting a lot of my work and learning to say “no” in the health and beauty world. But everything has its advantages, and the good side of sticking to your own principles means you have credibility. In spite of the extremely high cost –it’s very hard to earn and pretty easy to lose–, in my opinion, it is worth it.

Here I am once again to tell you all about one of my latest experiences, and what I want to express in this way, by using the word “experience” accompanied by pleasant and grateful, because for the first time in my whole life I realised to in order to show off a healthy and pretty smile you do not always have to suffer.

Last July Lora Boutique Dental opened their doors on 6 Passatge de Marimon, right in the centre of Barcelona. Lorena Mingotti, an odontologist specialising in protheses and implant-protheses and cosmetic dentistry, and the founder of Lora Boutique Dental, made her dream a reality: to create a universe for wellbeing within the constraints of dental healthcare, hygiene and dental cosmetics. This would be her unique selling point; the concept that would make hers stand out from the vast number of other clinics in the Catalonian city.

“Going through the entrance to Lora Boutique Dental means going into a universe of wellbeing and care that will not leave you nonplussed. Our team is here to make you feel safe and keep you company from when you get there to when we achieve our goals. A new way of enjoying taking care of your dental health.”

Everything is created and thought out so that from the moment you go into their universe, you get that feeling of wellbeing, immersed in a space of minimalist aesthetics with a warm and elegant human touch.

Dr. Lorena Mingotti’s motto is being natural, striking a balance and harmony between having a natural smile and a healthy mouth. And, no less important, everything that is applied to new minimally invasive techniques that shorten the waiting time and lessen the feeling of fear that a lot of patients experience when it comes to going to the dentist.

In the area of cosmetic odontology, the current trend entails creating natural smiles, of harmonious and balanced proportions, “shying away from computer-generated, clone-like, characterless smiles”. This interest that the beauty world is experiencing for the most natural-looking results, has also settled in with aplomb in the area of cosmetic odontology.  

Two of the pioneering treatments that we can find at Lora Boutique Dental are:

Whitening. “At Lora Boutique Dental we use different types of whitening, but our favourite one is Opalescence Boost 40% by Ultradent. The procedure is simple: in advance to the application of the whitening treatment, we always carry out a deep clean and polish for the patient to ensure the surface of the teeth is completely clean. If the patient normally displays sensitivity, we carry out a desensitising treatment for 15 minutes prior to whitening. After that, we go ahead and fit a gag, we isolate the mucosa and protect the gums well. Lastly, we apply a whitening agent to the teeth’s surface and we leave it to take effect for the next 45/60 minutes. To finish off, we apply the desensitizing gel once again and we leave it to take effect in the mouth. As we always strive for patient comfort, throughout the whole treatment they can read or use their mobile phones.”

I have not tried the treatment yet, but as soon as I do, I will tell you about it. I actually had a deep clean and, for the first time in my life, I did not suffer. That’s just what I said to Dr. Lorena Mingotti, and that is what I posted having just left, with all of the joy of having had that experience. Surprised and grateful for the delicate way she had worked on me. Happy.

And, unsculpted ceramic Microveneers. “At Lora Boutique Dental we carry out unsculpted ceramic micro-veneers following the philosophy of a minimally invasive odontology, which means that we preserve as much of the dental structure as possible thanks to the newest materials that are at our disposal.”

“When patients ask us, ‘How many veneers shall I wear? What colour do you recommend for me?’ The response is simple: at Lora we design your smile together. Tell us what your needs, your wants and your wishes are, and we will design and personalize a harmonious and natural smile by choosing the colour of your choice, always within our recommendations, thinking about what is best for you. “

“It is an innovative technique because the patient only has to attend a consultation twice to achieve a perfect smile. For the first visit they will have a careful diagnosis of the veneer treatment, choosing the colour we wish to go for on the same day. We also carry out the smile design together, because every individual’s smile if unique.”

“At the second visit we carry out a test in the mouth, whereby the patient will see a simulation of how their veneers will look. If they are happy with how the trial goes, on the very same day we will go ahead and apply the ceramic veneers, without sculpting them and in a pain-free way.”

No excessive whitening, nor immaculate crowns, nor millimetric dental allignments, etc. The minimally invasive odontology is coming to Lora Boutique Dental going for treatments with ultra natural looking results that can sometimes go unnoticed by everyone else.

Smile, a lot and beautifully!

Photography: Patricia Bonet.

Production and styling: Mariona Planas.

Dress: Zara AW 20/21. Belt: Iro Paris AW 20/21 for Tomates Fritos. Info: 932092617.  Ballet pumps: Dior. Madeline satchel: Jimmy Choo AW 20/21.  Available in Barcelona Jimmy Choo c/ Paseo de Gracia, 97. Info: 932726959. Necklaces: Sita Nevado. AW 20/21. Info: 934675916.

Hair and make up: Núria Ribera.
Woodlights – manicure: Vanitas Espai.

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