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Dressing and feeling, this is Vagary Kalon!

Beginning the first post for this digital magazine with Gala Canut and the Vagary Kalon universe is a full-on declaration of intentions. It is a feeling, a look from inside to the outside. It is the past, present and future; keeping going. It is being, staying and expressing what’s in your soul. It is a window into our adventure, a beautiful smile. It is me feeling like all of you, here and now.

I asked Gala to express and share her philosophy, and the journey that we have started together in this post.  

“Vagary Kalon is a universe of artistic events and from the could that could be summed up with the charming dresses created to connect, empower and heal the emotions of every one of the women who come into the workshop. But, in reality, it goes much further beyond that.”

“There is an invisible part that enshrouds the brand, a philosophy of life that is very connected to magic, energy, love, wellbeing and the exercise if living life light-heartedly, trustingly. And it is also linked to this process, this learning curve of getting rid of fears and trusting that everything good will finally come to pass in our lives. And our journeys are joining up…”

“Life brought us together to see our most beautiful virtues reflected in each other. To confirm that yes, the project of Vagary Kalon is not just about dressing women on the inside, but also the connection of the energetic and invisible soul, which takes place in the universe of this brand.”

“Since we saw each other for the first time a bond was created that has been growing day by day, which has been nourishing and sparking up the enthusiasm to learn from each other, and to share work, confidences and to experience a diary of our most everyday lives.”

“We’ve not even known each other a year yet the feeling of family and protected, and, at the same time admiration when we are together, is what makes me personally understand that yes, working in depth to get to know ourselves is important because it gives rise to making these encounters possible.”

“A few years ago, I used to interested in dressing up on the outside, and not so much on the inside, but life has spurred me on to have to focus more on myself, to get to know myself, to change, to break away from the past that just used to hold me back, to cry until I learnt that nothing is that big a deal, and to stop being scared to finally let myself go and shake off my fears of leaving my options open to everything being possible and everything done for a greater good is possible.”

“The more practical I am, the happier I am, and the happier I am, the most connected I feel to you, Mariona, the Greek Goddess that the universe brought into my path so that I could shine in the reflection of your glow, your happiness, your excitement and vitality that I also feel, and an endless list of positive things that you see in me and I see in you, and which help us to grow more and more each day and to want to embrace that trust in life and love, which is the energy that powers all of us.”

“Dressing and feeling, this is Vagary Kalon! And this is what we do when we are together.” Gala Canut.

Photography: Patricia Bonet.
Production and styling: Mariona Planas.

Hair and make up: Nuria Ribera.
Manicure and pedicure: Vanitas Espai.

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