Social distancing, please!

Post-confinement has given rise to a lot of us within the fashion industry starting a new dialogue launching all kinds of messages to make us aware of the new normality with its ups and downs. Among them is the Barcelona-based accessories brand Anna Cortina who has just launched a new handbag capsule collection called, ‘Spread The Word’, which is based on breathing life into a new language; a universal language that helps us to spread the word further beyond art.

With this collection, Anna Cortina aims to free up space to be able to create and experiment every day by being the matter, sound, image and language.

“Creating a new dialogue with art also means getting inspiration from what happens around us. Reinterpreting, offering up alternative perspectives, leaving space to new ideas and creating community, are what we are trying to do with our collection.”



The practice of maintaining physical distance from other people in public places.


We are all in this together.

Art helps us to stay connected while practicing social distancing.

Photography: Patricia Bonet. First three photographs.

Photography: Mr. Dripping. Second three photographs.

Production and styling: Mariona Planas.
Woodlights – manicure: Vanitas Espai.

T-shirt and short: Tomates Fritos

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