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Bossvi News: Bossvi’s new floral offering smells like Spring, that of 2022

Today marks nine months since Bossvi moved their floral workshop settling in on 78 Calle Londres, to all their neighbours’ delight, filling a piece of Barcelona’s Ensanche district with colour, with its nine windows converted into large windows with a very different and creative decorative proposal based on flowers and artificial plants.

Living in the space for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout these past nine months has helped Bossvi’s Founder, Enric Bosser, and his entire team to ensure the new floral exhibition is fully established. “Time is always the best ally when finding yourself in a new space and making it your own, resulting in it being a real experience for any client who happens to visit it.”

Turn the clock back! Just like Andy Warhol did in his “Empire” artwork; 8 hours and 5 minutes filming the Empire State Building. Creating space for a venue and contemplating it in all its narrative forms thus giving rise to emotions, experiences, and feelings, in order to provide a new space for passers-by who pop in to come across Bossvi‘s offering. An invitation to go into an oasis dedicated to interior design with quality artificial flowers situated in the heart of Barcelona’s Ensanche district.

These past nine months – like the arrival of a baby – are the time that Bossvi has needed to meet and come up with a space with authenticity and harmony; honest with the flower and its sustainable organic discourse: respecting nature and simulating it with the best quality to create permanent decorations, without the need for maintenance nor regular replacement, without renouncing exquisiteness nor good taste.

Their floral offering today smells like Spring, that of 2022, with beautiful shop windows full of strength and colour. If you are in Barcelona, do not hesitate, I encourage you to go and check them out, they are beautiful. And if you enter and visit their new exhibition, ask about the ‘natural touch’ flowers, and touch them, they will amaze you.

Photography: Patricia Bonet.

Makeup: Núria Ribera.
Production and styling Mariona Planas.

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